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Fresh U Syracuse is a resource for freshmen to learn about the experiences of various upperclassmen and professors, local trends and hot spots, and campus news to ultimately strengthen the Syracuse freshmen community.

Meet The Team

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Aishwarya Sukesh | Editor-in-Chief

Aishwarya Sukesh is a student at Syracuse University pursuing a double major in Psychology & Magazine Journalism. Aishwarya is originally from Texas, but came to New York with a sense of purpose and adventure. In addition to being the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Fresh U Syracuse, Aishwarya is also a contributing writer for the Daily Orange. Her interests include golfing, violin playing, TV watching (particularly Jimmy Fallon), and of course writing. Aishwarya hopes to pursue a career in the Magazine industry.

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Jake Smith | Co-Editor-in-Chief

Jake Smith is a student at the Newhouse School of Communications majoring in Magazine Journalism. On campus, he is involved in student government and several publications. Jake watches a lot of movies and TV. He wrote this about himself.

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Anna Army | Social Media Director

Anna Army is a student at the Newhouse School of Public Communications majoring in Public Relations. She is from a small town in Massachusetts. Her dream has always been to attend Syracuse University, and here she is. Anna's hobbies and interests include going running, eating ice cream, long days on the beach and being way too outgoing. At Syracuse, she is involved in Fresh U, the Public Relations Student Society of America, and the Edge PR program. Anna is still unsure of where she wants to end up with her PR degree, but she longs for a career that will make her happy and look forward to work every day.

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Erin Gavle | Newsletter Editor

Erin Gavle is a freshman at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications studying Newspaper and Online Journalism. She has lived in the United States, South Korea and Germany, and has no idea where she'll end up after she graduates from Syracuse. In the mean time, Erin enjoys talking to interesting strangers, taking photos, eating dried mangoes, and writing tangential bios that hint at an existential crisis. Who knows where journalism will take her in the future? She sure doesn't. Yet.

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