Game of Thrones has been the talk of the town these past few months. It's their final season to air on HBO and many fans have been both excited for new drama and outraged over a few modern details. And, after the ultimate finale episode, a petition was created demanding a re-shoot of the entire season (which stars from the series have shot down). 

But, in all honesty, Hollywood has done way worse before, ruining some of our favorite shows with a sub-par or downright awful series finale. So here are six series finale worse than Game of Thrones, to hopefully let the dust settle where it rose.

1. How I Met Your Mother

This one episode left perhaps the entire fanbase of the beloved comedy with a sour taste in their mouth after nine seasons of devotion. 

The whole idea of Ted telling a story of all the women he dated before meeting his wife was a cute idea. The comedic plot with bits of multiple whimsical romances, an amazing cast and the occasional musical number often made viewers forget the endgame of the show. But, apparently, so did Ted (Josh Radnor).

After this long story to find the love of his life, she gets cancer and dies by the end of the few episodes that actually feature her, with the show making a bunch of time-jumps that also frazzle the plot trajectory fans had grown to appreciate.

Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) get divorced after just three years. Barney then promptly goes back to his playboy ways before getting a random girl pregnant and finally caring about women now that he has a daughter. The whole thing just didn't sit right with viewers, and rightfully so.

2. Lost

This show was already a mess of cliff-hangers and random plot lines that left us holding on to the edge of our seats. But, apparently, they were all dead anyways. Cool.

The islanders lived in a world where the island sunk in the '70s and the crash never happened. Brought back together in heaven, depicted by a large empty church, they reunite and everyone forgives each other and loves each other. No one had died, or actually, they all have. They remember everything and all is good: the world is at peace.

The final episode was a simplified ending to the interesting and intellectual multiple worlds viewers had grown to love within the series. Many fans were happy about their beloved characters' returns and their final arch, but felt it came too out of nowhere, like the writers found the last thing that worked and just said "okay!" Everything tied off in a bow way too well, taking a hard left at the end and dusting off their hands. 

3. Friends

Never mind the spin-off "Joey" that no one watched, the finale of Friends was definitely a let down that Gen Zers now also experience, thanks to Netflix

As times change and newer viewers become attached to the classic '90s show, Rachel leaving her dream to be with Ross becomes more and more problematic. The friends seem to part ways throughout their lives, moving into different chapters of their lives (except Joey, who backtracks on what little character development he's made throughout the series) and fans were left unsettled.

4. Dexter

Turns out Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was just as upset with his trot off into the forest as his devoted fans. 

This show was definitely an interesting watch; to see inside the mind of a compulsive killer, yet almost like him as he attempts to kill only those who "deserve it." But, in this finale, rightfully degraded by critics, our beloved serial killer decides to leave his life and friends behind to become a lumberjack.

Yup. I said that right. Dexter followed in the footsteps of Paul Bunyan and decided to live it up in the forest, convinced that he could no longer kill and live. The things fans didn't get is why he hadn't come to this conclusion earlier. Why did he have to kill then and not now? 

Throwing his sister's dead body into the ocean was a pretty interesting choice for the writers too, but that last scene with him as a lumberjack really set viewers into a blind rage.

5. The Hills

This wasn't so much of a let-down as much as made people contemplate their whole reason for watching. The final scene, the camera pulls back for viewers to see the backdrop pulled out and Brody Jenner standing in the middle of a studio set. It broke the fourth wall, but also our hearts, declaring that none of our beloved "reality show" that started at all the way back at Laguna Beach was real. Maybe we'll get a better taste in our mouths after the new reboot.

6. Pretty Little Liars

Lets all be honest here. It's a safe space. None of this show made sense after the fourth season. 

The show always deviated from the book series, but after the fourth season, it was almost unrecognizable. Fans kept watching, seeming surprised at the conclusion of every episode, but less and less viewers started tuning in as plot holes formed and confusion became the only word on our tongues. 

To make matters worse, everything after the infamous time shift went against the trajectory of the book and character development that we had used as a guide for logic. New characters were introduced and old ones were thrown out. But when they all came back for the series finale, there was nothing salvageable for our original friends for Rosewood. To make matters worse, their new show The Perfectionists seems to be only adding to the situation.

Television will always have its flaws. The writers are only human, not mind-readers. Yes, these shows messed up big time. But, a show has to matter in order to break as many hearts as they did. So, when you're mad at Games of Thrones and the world, remember the good times and maybe start Reign on Netflix. It was really good. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash.